Pleasuresack Bag

$59.00 offers a monthly adult subscription service through their online shop. The focus of their monthly gift bag is to bring some adventure to your sex life by offering hand-selected, elegant and classy products. Some of the months may have bedroom costumes, others may have things you would never have thought to try, but it will always be exciting. Shipping is free, and the bag of goodies will be delivered discreetly to your door. In addition, Pleasuresack's monthly subscriptions are not re-occurring. Unlike traditional subscription services, you'll only be charged for the subscription you purchase.

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Monthly: $59.00 Per Month
3-Month: $168.00 ($56.00 Per Month)
6-Month: $318.00 ($53.00 Per Month)
Annual: $588.00 ($49.00 Per Month)



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  • Ships to the US